A prayer

When you want to be connected with God, you pray and feel the link. At once you feel at ease. No need to make appointments or wait , get attentive and say , makes you humble but never humiliates.

Prayer gives humans a closeness to God, it is a source of strength. Trust in God gives you a relieve and you start to think , if anything goes wrong , God will help . I have done my part , trying hard , thinking intelligently , waiting patiently and working diligently , my failure and success would depend  how God has planned it for me.

This trust  in God’s decisions and not challenging on set backs , improves our skills.A prayer is a series of words all said and meant , and those unsaid and never thought  of needs is just known to God..you know why? because God knows each one of us  so well.  even we  can never know.


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