Words are my friends

Words..so many and new ones comes up. I can not spell nor pronounce, still I am comfortable to read and write..as it adds to my thoughts..adds to my  value that is part of my character .

When anyone reads they know how that person thinks 🙂 naughty or nice, sweet or hot, clumsy ? no not. Sad and frustrating , depressed and waiting…what is going on in that person’s life..or can be totally a reflection of the everyday plight..Fights..movements for rights..and attempts to suspend or install,,

Words are written on newspaper..for breaking news..on judgements for freeing or walking to gallows..words permit or dismiss..so make friends with words..the world depends on it..to make everything legal/illegal/moral/immoral..

Occasionally we  play with words…and that is fun 🙂 tease to please..or please to tease..be happy smile and wait….ready cheese 🙂


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