Life and death ..Day and night

Spend each day as last day ..then you will value relationships more in every way..for you gone how would your loved ones cry..miss and feel the pain…So , while alive give them a hug or kiss..what if I am no longer here after this…tell them what you want them to know..who knows you would get old or die young a soul.

Treasure  life and be prepared for is certain..but don’t wait too much 😉 It shall come when time is right..just before that..get everything in place..and keep up the on your face..and hope in your eyes..

Life is day..when you work away..contribute and share , sorrows or happiness..blessings from God..and the a reminder of death..when you sleep..and close your know not..if again you would see the light of day..will there be a tomorrow  again.

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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