No time..not now..then when

Have you ever heard someone tell you..not now..and then give you a maybe tomorrow..if there is no promise for a tomorrow…it means never. Yes.. that is a clever conclusion ..well after many refusals I learned it meant NEVER.

Slowly..reluctantly I accepted NO for an answer..whether it was a delay tactic or not looking into eyes while answering..all this and more are subtle ways to let you .believe..that person is genuinely not interested in what ever bla bla you got in store..You are not deliciously  interesting..If that hurts..ouch! then look quickly in the mirror..frowns are not crowns to wear… if you must then wear a smile…feels good..when you look great 😉

Suppose you took lots of trouble to locate/identify a blogger for a certain award..and she/he refuses..does it break your heart…bahhhhhhaa….NO.. it just makes you feel…confused?

Well..they obviously don’t have time for that kind of meager meaning less efforts..I am learning..

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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