Lover’s Ode

A beautiful melody

that reached hearts in many ways

describing his lover

he would say 🙂

those soft petals

that enticing look

those reading would get a bit hooked

out of curiosity

minds would ask away

who was she my friend ?

tell us about the end ?

the lover would smile

and blink his eye

who ? she?

no one…do not pry 😉

well ..well.. lover

your ode is true

you are her  lover

good for her and you 🙂

Quote Challenge Day 3 Laughter by Kalabalu


1. Post 3 of your favorite quotes each per day for 3 recurrent days. The quotes can be of any other people or it may come straight from your own heart.

2. Nominate 3 bloggers with each post to challenge them.

3. Don’t forget to thank the person who nominated you.

Quote from Me

When you say/write , your expression should be clean, good and for betterment.

by Kalabalu..

MY Nominees
Real Life ,Creative & Unscripted
Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything
The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Thank you Blair Bigaulton for your nomination. by-Kalabalu

Why are you afraid ?

Everyone is free. Not only the vulnerable group to express their inner desires. Life was earlier black and white, then it got a heavy down pour, grey emerged as in between merging both . Technology advanced and people lost their need to remain connected with those around.

They became independent and free, everything and everyone started becoming no longer can find food in it’s basic form or originality. People from all cultures got married or didn’t, but were able to have  children with  mixed culture..Then the concepts of girls together became equally eye brow raisers as  boy and girl…now everything is “ok”.

Society  has diminished and individual has emerged as more powerful and strong. No longer can you force anyone to get married to opposite sex…no. Now same sex is in…and transgender too.

Why did the earlier generation resist this freedom? Were they afraid that everything, once valued would lose its prominence. Words would loose their meanings..relationships will get confused..Normal people would end up as being “vulnerable group”.

I am just randomly thinking out loud. The world is not a better place for   everyone all the time..Still women/girls are sexually harassed , still rich gets acquitted for killing poor people , still oppressive attitude exists..children misbehave , parents get dumped and  teachers are no longer respected.

There is a turn , upside down ..we must now learn to be expert in aerobics.