SIlent lips..lonely trip

Lips don’t move

nor eyes can see

ears are deaf

what can it be?

Heat stroke has killed them all

1000 people ..huge not small

seldom can we realize the truth

Nature has its limits too

Slowly , slowly we felled trees

Now the sun comes scorching at me

No where to shades of trees

Death looms and catches us instantly

Save the nature..please save me


Didn’t get time

No one does
when time comes
no good byes
time flies
death decides
silent cry
fall on dead ears
no more smiles
no more cheers

Lover’s Ode

A beautiful melody

that reached hearts in many ways

describing his lover

he would say 🙂

those soft petals

that enticing look

those reading would get a bit hooked

out of curiosity

minds would ask away

who was she my friend ?

tell us about the end ?

the lover would smile

and blink his eye

who ? she?

no one…do not pry 😉

well ..well.. lover

your ode is true

you are her  lover

good for her and you 🙂