A dream girl

A girl in dream
no one can see
she is for my eyes only
while asleep
or just to please
I smile to tease

she walks effortlessly on the clouds
she smells of fragrance like the rains
so fresh so straight
so humble so plain
A dream that makes me smile again


How you know ?

Whether  life is slow

Is it on the go

if you had a chance to know

How will you know?

By evaluating success and failures

By challenging self and others

to pursue your goal

What is your goal?

To be come rich in wealth or happiness

To be powerful in words or actions

To be pleasing or in control ?

Search in yourself

Search your soul

Find out what you want is right or no 😉

What you know is it exactly so ?


Allergic to “E” Challenge

I was  nominated  for “Allergic to E” Challenge. by Kreg jai

And I failed 🙂 miserably  because could not keep 24 hours deadline

Still I had to take this challenge. Please do visit her blog. Letter “E” is the most commonly used letter and a sentence without it is difficult to imagine.

The Rules First

1) Write a whole paragraph ( a paragraph sounds easy right?) without any word containing the letter “e” (still easy for ya?)
2) By reading this you are already signed up.
3) Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge. They must do it within 24 hours or it is considered as failure.
4) If you fail or pass, suffer in the Page of Lame.
5) If you win, wallow in the Page of Fame.

My nominations :


2. http://tuttacronaca.wordpress



5. https://

My Paragraph :

A long day 🙂 all work and no play. I am thinking, who win and not. Drama , story, fiction , music and art. All this brings  joy. Did you find , a way into this ? or still not ? Do you know now , how difficult it is to say your thoughts with a limitation ? no 🙂

I am facing long and high jumps with words pick is a trick ..if I slip I must vanish:)


Bury but not deep

I am dead ..yet sort of asleep

so not bury me so deep

I want to see the sunrise

sunset too , as I look beyond the sea

But am dead..I know..

I still want to watch snow

in valleys and hills

I will not close my eyes

I will still have my ‘will”

just wait for me

keep me on that garden

where roses bloom and spread fragrance

yes..will smell the spring in death 🙂

got problem with that



Rumble rumble

Do not grumble

It is monsoon

there would be rains 🙂

I know they should clean the drains !

To avoid any accidents

or missing the train


Banana :)

Ever had a banana ?

Of course ..what is so special

Well…it has a cover and is naughty

what is so great about the peel and why  naughty?

we can always use it for making someone slip 🙂

that is naughty..and also


and also…when we think about a  banana..

what else can we remember….




really ?

OK..I let you go



Words are my friends many and new ones comes up. I can not spell nor pronounce, still I am comfortable to read and it adds to my thoughts..adds to my  value that is part of my character .

When anyone reads they know how that person thinks 🙂 naughty or nice, sweet or hot, clumsy ? no not. Sad and frustrating , depressed and waiting…what is going on in that person’s life..or can be totally a reflection of the everyday plight..Fights..movements for rights..and attempts to suspend or install,,

Words are written on newspaper..for breaking news..on judgements for freeing or walking to gallows..words permit or make friends with words..the world depends on make everything legal/illegal/moral/immoral..

Occasionally we  play with words…and that is fun 🙂 tease to please..or please to happy smile and wait….ready cheese 🙂


A prayer

When you want to be connected with God, you pray and feel the link. At once you feel at ease. No need to make appointments or wait , get attentive and say , makes you humble but never humiliates.

Prayer gives humans a closeness to God, it is a source of strength. Trust in God gives you a relieve and you start to think , if anything goes wrong , God will help . I have done my part , trying hard , thinking intelligently , waiting patiently and working diligently , my failure and success would depend  how God has planned it for me.

This trust  in God’s decisions and not challenging on set backs , improves our skills.A prayer is a series of words all said and meant , and those unsaid and never thought  of needs is just known to know why? because God knows each one of us  so well.  even we  can never know.


Life goes on and on and on :)

Not all but some not few  still most of the  people on this earth have various phases in life. We are growing with transformations. We are absorbing and emitting , feelings, knowledge, power inspirations..and all this contributes to the ever changing canvass called life.

We scrub and erase, but traces are seen if viewed minutely , we want to hide it by  putting dark strong colors , as if loudness can diminish the voice from within. In all instance, we suffer we enjoy but the moments are lived and passed by , becoming nightmares or sweet memories.

Outwardly we smile , work and remain positive and that is courageous, because breaking down or bending to force is easy. The real test is, when you face a harsh reality like death, failures, deceptions and mistrust that you emerge from it stronger and better, Not bitter and weaker.

Life goes on , with or without your loved ones, your part of laughter may have decreased, pain increased and monetarily depressions sets in…but your hope and believe will help you to be who you are…a pure heart and a fresh mind.


Nothing Lasts forever

Nothing lasts forever

its not suppose to last

Whether it grows slowly

or comes up really fast

Doesn’t matter about beginnings

Only ends counts

For every end is a new beginning

I have rightly found 🙂