Life goes on and on and on :)

Not all but some not few  still most of the  people on this earth have various phases in life. We are growing with transformations. We are absorbing and emitting , feelings, knowledge, power inspirations..and all this contributes to the ever changing canvass called life.

We scrub and erase, but traces are seen if viewed minutely , we want to hide it by  putting dark strong colors , as if loudness can diminish the voice from within. In all instance, we suffer we enjoy but the moments are lived and passed by , becoming nightmares or sweet memories.

Outwardly we smile , work and remain positive and that is courageous, because breaking down or bending to force is easy. The real test is, when you face a harsh reality like death, failures, deceptions and mistrust that you emerge from it stronger and better, Not bitter and weaker.

Life goes on , with or without your loved ones, your part of laughter may have decreased, pain increased and monetarily depressions sets in…but your hope and believe will help you to be who you are…a pure heart and a fresh mind.