Wheels turn in time

There is no improvement , that is a reality laws are made to be imposed on those who can not stand up for right.. too meagre and weak to face. Those nice  looking aristocratic people who are they ? The real murderers who are never handcuffed nor slaughtered  any day.

52 photo : source Yuntg Cheng Lin

The ones who make and break  unity, and kill…it is a dungeon that remains empty  after a  fill. World order is a chaos in everyway , bombs explodes and  innocent people targeted night and day  ..claim for uplifting humanity is a must..but what  of thousands killed and thrown away as dust.

there is motion ..still as  night..who can raise voice..let alone stand to fight..the  hands that were responsible to protect and keep..are the hands  now turned as villainous as they can be..we no longer  live in ancient times..we have technology but we choose not to communicate … we maintain  aloofness , . Are we not   barbaric , untrue , disgusting as  before…we have murdered humanity  in front of all…

Now deaf , dumb and dead we are the future zombies.. we have no idea what is wrong or right to be.

Wheel turns and time will pass just as past…we will  long as we can last.52

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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