Start now..with the one closest to you.

Good people remains pious and are God fearing , thus making them the lights in the darkness . They are good , because they can control their  desires, wants and disturbing thoughts. Control is the key word, it makes you alert and aware of your action. We do get across people who say,”I didn’t see..didn’t thought..didn’t realize.” What they mean is they have no responsibility and don’t care for their actions. Some of us nod our head others just shrug shoulder, but if you take a moment and think..that carelessness is “expensive” , it cost in cash and kind.

Question is why we allow people to be careless in life and careful while at school ? Are we not training young  minds to be responsible and caring , or we are just focused on all subjects and ignore the building up of character. Nagging  never helps, it rather gets repulsive attitude. Understanding actually realize we must get closer and think…now that does drain our mental capacity.

To sit and think..why someone acts in weird ways..why they get upset in small issues..why we get thrashed for an answer that was unexpected..and find reasons..we do not have to be judgmental..all we need is to balance it out.

Sometimes , we experience odd behaviors, those who are rude their work is done promptly but those who are  nice and sweet, people ignore their request. The fear of getting a bashing from a rude  person is more and the smile of gratitude from a nice  person. Encouraging that once sweet person to become a “RUDE”  . Yes..our actions lead to changes in behavior so we must act with care..carelessness is expensive 😉

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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