Do you see or only look

tumblr_lgd6qsDSL51qg205no1_500[1]Close your eyes but open your is a feel..need your consensus..what does heart beat and mind get tensed at? I am so simply complex with tenses..past was forgotten , present lived in..and in this time I stumbled on..future was far..then it got passed…Now where was I ? without my  lenses..

Tears betray me

I am not sad

I am just crying for life touches strings in soul

tears drop on my cheeks more

I want to fight and clear it up

I look up to see..your eyes on me

tears you betray my feelings for others to see

Ocean and me

Roaring waves..white and strong..comes to lift me off the ground

I stand still and feel my heels bury deep along the shore
I can hear whispering breeze telling me tales
some I know..are my own

I come here often to hear it again
to let go of my sorrows
to wash away pain

Waves and droplets makes me wet
I list my regrets ..I list my request
I know both are just a list no more

I look at horizon watch sunset just as before