Paths in life

Born free..and free to choose. Where to live and how to lose. identity  more than a card or chip..people ask ..where you are from ? Are you a local or on a trip ?

My features are prominent..but others get confused..Asian general..but enemy or friend.. clear can I root again and where is my I like it ..and if I don’t will I wander away like a leaf blown before autumn ..and want to cling to another tree..I am definitely free..but can hang  only till I fall dead…then what? Will it matter  if I was from mango or maple?

Come to think of on earth is not forever..but more..some believe others don’t..I belong to believers and so I am a bit happy…for the end here will initiate the new  beginning…a  place where souls will be seen…and feel..and enjoy ..the freedom that was sought on earth…I have passed away…and has reached a stay.


Scars are deep…those  inflicted and never dressed..those wounds remain open..and reminds us of that pain..that severe harsh  insult..or that slap..that make legs weak..those are the hidden scars..we dread..and want to hide…because no one listens to the wailing cry..those tears that couldn’t drop..with fear ..trembling lips..that tried to remain pressed to suppress the loudness…you can not see..those scars..that haunt from depth ..from heart..when someone  loves or is kind..tears just drop…as are set free.

The night

it was a dark night..when all the lights of the huge manor were lit…and on the floor was a body…who was she…a man was sitting close to her..he was holding her hand..feeling her cold waves..and shiver within…was she moving or it was his imagination…He wanted to have this last sleep with her..not wanting to let go..he had placed her on the hard  marble floor..tomorrow it will be a casket..he will let her go…she will get buried under the huge earth… was looking at her..closed eyes..he remembered how those sparkled..when he would enter the room..she would smile..looking at him…but now she seems upset..she  is no more looking at his face..touching his jaw line…her hands are stiff..doesn’t move..nor loves…is it because she is no more…how tragic to see love of your life…be so still…so cold…so dead

Kalabalu..I know you

Now you know your imagination
Not very fascinations
No gadgets. ..just determination
to write down moments from destinations..
A song called


.always walking in blue
writing with pencil..sticking with glue
hands are dirty..lost cover of UHU…
just a simple..Kalabalu

It is or not;)

Love  …

when it starts no one knows

Slowly grows or it blows

gets you weak also bold

cheeks get red?

alert  in bed?

makes you soft

real hard too

Play like a game

you win to lose

You want to  stay

You like to run

Round and up..

oh such fun

Happy days

Lots of praise

Keep it close

Make it yours

if there is a chance

Try to enhance

All the time

tingling chimes

What..why ? When ?? Where ? and How!

What is the first question .. a mind races to identify..put a  label describe and actually add to the list of known the  unknown..when not known how can you list 😉

Second is why ? ..why did what happened ..came to existence..or got burdened ..introduced..experimented..and finally imposed..that includes rules and regulations.

When ?..this part  is always related with time..present..future or past..we want to place it ..within a period..when will you start so that it ends..yes..the what which has passed why stage.

Where …location..we instantly look origin..was it from east or west..this plague..rumor, blunder..accident..innovation..trouble..excitement..and tsunami ..all schedules are marked but just the idea..its feasibility..and time has  no use..unless you know where it is going to happen or  already it..

How part  is the huge execute a plan..a program you need to know how it works and will work to perfection..for that the series from what why when and where  are again introduced itemized…

Life has so many “w” i love those..because..woman has a “w” too