Listen….. i am..maybe that clown

If you can not hear me..I am  most probably not speaking…when you can not read my words..I have not written..can not see me..I am not there.. don’t feel me ? I am far away ….still if you connect with me..than something must be wrong…I have not tried flying for too long…I know..I understand that people “do” click..but I am not that type..I have no tricks..I am trying to get understood..but silence makes me sleepy…I feel you are bored or find my words empty..two people from totally different worlds..are suppose to be different…rather than be same…if you still find my excuses  lame..then I should be ashamed…trouble is I am not…does that make me duh! has its ups and down…and we do need a part time clown 🙂


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