What..why ? When ?? Where ? and How!

What is the first question .. a mind races to identify..put a  label describe and actually add to the list of known things..no..not the  unknown..when not known how can you list 😉

Second is why ? ..why did what happened ..came to existence..or got burdened ..introduced..experimented..and finally imposed..that includes rules and regulations.

When ?..this part  is always related with time..present..future or past..we want to place it ..within a period..when will you start so that it ends..yes..the what which has passed why stage.

Where …location..we instantly look origin..was it from east or west..this plague..rumor, blunder..accident..innovation..trouble..excitement..and tsunami ..all schedules are marked but just the idea..its feasibility..and time has  no use..unless you know where it is going to happen or  already did..place it..

How part  is the huge ..detailing..to execute a plan..a program you need to know how it works and will work to perfection..for that the series from what why when and where  are again introduced itemized…

Life has so many “w” i love those..because..woman has a “w” too


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