we fail we try..but no use to wail or cry

Tried..but was not enough like a half cooked meal..a broken seal..a sleepless night..all tried..but didn’t succeed..we know and understand what failure means.

Do we pass everything at once? or we are the Mediocre level people, who are still on trial..trying  means waiting by the other person…as you try to crack it open..many eyes are see what was inside..promises to keep..before you sleep.

No ,it does not mean that you can do everything without a fail , but failing in everything is not really appreciable. People need a break from a person who can drive them insane and depressed..ever watched a stage performance where can not laugh at jokes..cover your ears to save your ear drum…well they were trying to entertain..but all we got was sheer pain.


Come dance with me

Dancing in the park
till it gets dark
a breeze that touches
freezes my heart
I reach to hold you
warmth is not far
dancing in the dark
moving up close
eyes never open..
just a snuggle with nose

smell the rose


I got a gift..from him again

last time was good

a soft petal or wood ?..

a card so sweet

flowers to keep

but I never got to touch

never could see

the gifts that you had sent for me

all wrapped with smiles

warmth and hues

moods of passion

songs by dews

melodious or not

Never heard..nor forgot

tell me again…what have you gained

sending me gifts…like never ending chain

Imagining now…..once again


Actor love

Happy Birthday!! to Waheed Murad

Life is all about…Love…trust..and wisdom

Life is full of surprises , laughter and passion

Life is all a dream..lived with open eyes

Life is a story..we repeat or live till we die

But..then few people become legends that stay alive

and we  never  live without them..even for a while

Waheed Murad ..the actor-director-producer..has made impression on hearts..he will live in our heart beats..forever…and without much effort..he still remains chocolate hero..though he died in 1983..but..we never feel that he is dead..and gone.. we can see him in all those  movies and songs..and it is still entertaining..still lively..

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