we fail we try..but no use to wail or cry

Tried..but was not enough like a half cooked meal..a broken seal..a sleepless night..all tried..but didn’t succeed..we know and understand what failure means. Do we pass everything at once? or we are the Mediocre level people, who are still on trial..trying  means waiting by the other person…as you try to crack it open..many eyes are glued..to […]

Happy Birthday!! to Waheed Murad

Life is all about…Love…trust..and wisdom Life is full of surprises , laughter and passion Life is all a dream..lived with open eyes Life is a story..we repeat or live till we die But..then few people become legends that stay alive and we  never  live without them..even for a while Waheed Murad ..the actor-director-producer..has made impression […]