Why do we lie?

Sometimes we lie , then it turns out..every time we lie. Is it contagious ? Do I want to try? The lies are my enemies..yet they smile so sweet. I find it hard to resist..I know it is wrong ..and a sin.

I get into situations, where I can not say a “no” , then when I make excuses, the lie comes in to help me choose..what will not be but I will confirm it will..and shift that problem..hoping it to diminish to a nil. That never happens ,it gets doubled and tripled in miseries …and those who valued me earlier as a friend…now look to severe ties in end.

Lies are my enemies…honesty is better..must learn to say a simple “no” and not loose my friends forever.

Rains are gift from sky above

Winds carry clouds
floating at ease
where will it stop ?
No one can see.
Sprinkles water to dead earth indeed
life sprouts out..so tiny and weak
Life will go on..as long as it is suppose to be
we can not destroy nor give a remedy
winds are not weeping…
just bearing the clouds to seep
water so fresh..as life will again emerge from deep

Stages in life…from start

We the players, we act out our scripts. We remain young at heart..for our mind is fresh..but those who are suppressed they get aged much earlier..at ten..they sound like 20…hearts when it stops to sing…soul gets wings clipped…for no sin..you rot and fume…indeed you are doomed..But , those wrinkles that make you labelled as old…are not to be filled with Botox..i am told..when you get old..let your heart shine more brighter…let the soul over come your physical feeble muscles and loose skin…maybe your feet doesn’t tap as fast as before still you can find your way around…with love, respect and honor.

wait or go

That closed door with a heavy padlock so secured , so dead. Will your steps follow the treads or will my stare on this flight..remain idle. Will I hear your laughter..and watch you roll your eyes..teasing me..with tongue stuck out..and a wink..to delight..it was just yesterday..we walked hand in hand..up and down..this lane..today..it seemed so strange..you are not here for me…waving your hands in frenzy..you were always a bit crazy….I liked your unexpected hugs..and kisses on my cheeks…yet..I never thought you would leave me..without a word..but you are gone..I buried you deep…with tears and wails…in a coffin with nails..why do I still stand here and gaze away..with tears that brim..and fall so free..please come back to me…

when and where?

Those that lives..must die. Now and then..here or there..but they must taste death..sweet or sour. Some people want to live for a reason ..others are finding a reason to live…but those who got both..are they living ? or breathing..but then life is not the end..it is a motion..that death  put it on hold..till we get resurrected for the Day of Judgement….who lives for that day ? Who wants to find a good report card , when we can not blame anyone..but ourselves..we can not hide..nor run..no fun…just waiting for a very long time..to be judged..and told..where to now? Heaven or Hell ?If score  gets equal…we wait again..watching heaven with hope and fearing hell..as there are no ropes within to climb out from this fire..that burns skin..mauls the body..hurt the soul…cry as loud as you want…no one can hold it down…the day has come…when will you be called…and where will you go ?

Did you bring any goodness before you died ?Any good deeds..you can present? what? none….then you are doomed…and it is worst than death…it is a life forever..where you will die endlessly and suffer…unless..you were clever while you lived on earth..and did good deeds….YOU WILL BE NEEDING THAT !