Why do we lie?

Sometimes we lie , then it turns out..every time we lie. Is it contagious ? Do I want to try? The lies are my enemies..yet they smile so sweet. I find it hard to resist..I know it is wrong ..and a sin.

I get into situations, where I can not say a “no” , then when I make excuses, the lie comes in to help me choose..what will not be but I will confirm it will..and shift that problem..hoping it to diminish to a nil. That never happens ,it gets doubled and tripled in miseries …and those who valued me earlier as a friend…now look to severe ties in end.

Lies are my enemies…honesty is better..must learn to say a simple “no” and not loose my friends forever.

28 thoughts on “Why do we lie?

  1. Well, first thing to note here is “why be who you are not”? You are not disappointing anyone by telling the Truth… Again, you learning to be yourself makes you even better.

      1. Well ..basically we are all happy people..we want to laugh , live and do a a lot..but then we get evaluated/judged and finally questioned for many things that we indulge in..and find it cool…that rule of finding happiness in correct locations or rather points cuts on our options to relax..that controls our budding feeling for taking life as it comes..and we just swim through it…others stop us.

      2. Well, well, you are a strong one then (exceptional)… Your thoughts and feelings towards others so so affect your emotions. Again, I believe its our choice to make, either to be sad or happy. We don’t have to lie at all. Cheers dear

      3. Lol… The day when people won’t have to judge you all do.. The day when you’ll live to make others happy and they will truely be happy…. That day when even if the judge you, you’ll look back and say, ‘”well its their person, I’ll take them just for who they are”… You’ll find happiness and Fulfilment in all things and be happy. ….

      4. ah 🙂 well…am smiling and it feels good..when am not…then later I would 🙂 tears or laughter ,part of my life..I am now happy…am up there high :))

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