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I made it up

In clouds I made a castle ,it had all the strong materials. The design was flamboyant yet cool. I made it look huge , with imaginary tool. Invited all the Kings and Queens , with jester and master , in fact everyone who loves me or rather I do , are welcome to visit my castle and enjoy…all you need is to imagine..a horse ride..a floating cloud with castle on top…and when it rains…castle needs another cloud..look for a white fluffy greys nor black.

The castle allows visitors to change their looks . Those fat can be slim, short become tall , ugly turns out to be a doll. Close your eyes and imagine , smile as you see them change, their dogs and cats ..are no longer meek..rather have turned up as wolves and lions…

The castle has options to increase rooms and people , change menu and guest list.remember I made it up…and you canbreak it 😉

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Wordless Wednesday

Worthwhile wednesday

makes me smile ..for thursday

relax as past is tuesay

and soon it will be thank God its Friday

worthwhile Wednesday

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Who will read ?

When I grow old…and near to death.

My eyes are my touch

I feel too much

And do too less

who will get rude

who will depress

age gets more

wage gets less

was my best

but now its a test

Eternal sleep

will I rest…in peace

who will read my tombstone in dust

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Lost in Love or Lost love

Love lost..
Lost in love
which is true ?
from the above
invisible blues
words were true
feelings too
when lips moved
to whisper..I love you

Did you hear it ? or ignored

as untrue..

who ?
Love or me?
can you feel?
or am not real

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Life continues

I am still alive

Will I make any resolution

Will I try ?

What will I change?

Or improve with me?

How will I get better

When am not as good as should be

what will make you remember

or forget

that time flies

in life.



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Am not

I am not..and you know it too
was never and could never be
nothing to do
it is confusing..yet promising too
I am you

no…as if I knew