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All of you :)

Give your dreams

worries too

hidden lies

drifting blues

I want everything

if …from you 🙂

remember its an offer

from me to you

just for you 🙂





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Is the breeze here

In my heart a feeling is there

The breeze has touched to pass here

Deafening sound  demolishing all

In my heart there was no wall

Yet I feel an iron ball

Hit it hard and break it through

Pain is piercing , roughening too

I am silenced , as I am bruised

How will it confused

Help ..I call…am refused

soaking wet ..eyes defused.

Will it bleed..or just die

Heart is dying..eyes don’t cry

Smile can be my last try.






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Valentine Gift



On this Valentine I gift it to you

my soul , my love ..everything for you

take me now..hold me with care

my love is for you..if you can dare

sparkling eyes ..smiling lips

just love lust

Just love a must 🙂

Can you trust..?

feel the thrust

No..not now

nothing above 😉

wait for me

or make me wait

Love is not a tempting bait

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Liebster Award

liebsterawardpic2015Thank you to Blair Gaulton bjgaulton for nominating me  :))for Liebster award. If you read it..its Lie…then buster ..of course the u is absent;)

It took me almost a month to create a post for this award..and I have yet to answer his questions..

I’d like to thank Blair Gaulton for the liebster award nomination. He is a poet and I find his poetry inspiring  🙂

The liebster award link below will get you there. Post the picture in the post mentioning the award and ping back to the original post […]

Questions for me :)) by Blair Gaulton

1.Have you ever created a new word or used a word from another language to better express yourself in your writing, when you could not find a way to express yourself?

Yes..I used..and still use…”hmmmmm”

2.What was the funniest story you ever read?

A joke . it was about a couple who had lots of diets to follow and they get killed in an accident. The Angel brings so many things for them to eat…

Husband: But I can not , I got diabetes, high blood pressure

Angel : No worries  , you can eat as much as you like .

Husband turns to wife and says” You made me starve down there and here I can eat as much as I like..I simply don’t understand you.

3. What was the most unusual food you have ever eaten?

Nothing till now 🙂

4. If you could create a video game out of one of your published posts, which one would you select and why?

I will like the “My Prized Possessions” as that’s really cool

5. Do you have a favorite time of day or night? If yes, when is it and why

I love the morning sun rise and time when sunsets. Both gives amazing colors to sky and  mood as well.

My nominees are 🙂

  • Vikas Acharya
  • Risty
  • busymind thinking
  • Darkland Poetry
  • Window with a view



My Questions 🙂

How tall are you ? and is that what you wanted too ?

Did you ever boast ?

Are you happy when you are working or while you are eating?

If you describe love , who will you think about?

Do you love WordPress, got addicted to it or just browsing through


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Letter to Earth

Dear Earth 🙂

You have been assigned this rotary motion and spinning actions since God created you. And from you  ..Man was created and he does get buried too. He is not alone, from Adam to Eve , we the sons and daughters have been living, eating , swimming and enjoying the gravity pull. glad I don’t fly out aimlessly.

Since technological advancements were necessary for making life easy and fast , we did ruin your water level, polluted air and made you a sitting time bomb , with all Nuclear arsenal and installations. Yes , those who lament that earth is having trouble are actually guilty…they have contributed to this unbalanced abuse of your vastness.

I am letting you know, that we have now progressed and very soon will pollute the entire Universe , then as an apology will talk about ” How to save it” We have this habit , first we use then abuse and leave it to rot.

All this time you had us, we couldn’t ever control you though..for example if you wanted to have earthquakes we just got killed ,when water moved over us like a tsunami  we drowned and as strong winds blew us away like fallen twigs..we naturally were dead. Ah..we still think we can do something for you ..but unfortunately we are never together into this action…

Take care