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Letter to Earth

Dear Earth 🙂

You have been assigned this rotary motion and spinning actions since God created you. And from you  ..Man was created and he does get buried too. He is not alone, from Adam to Eve , we the sons and daughters have been living, eating , swimming and enjoying the gravity pull. glad I don’t fly out aimlessly.

Since technological advancements were necessary for making life easy and fast , we did ruin your water level, polluted air and made you a sitting time bomb , with all Nuclear arsenal and installations. Yes , those who lament that earth is having trouble are actually guilty…they have contributed to this unbalanced abuse of your vastness.

I am letting you know, that we have now progressed and very soon will pollute the entire Universe , then as an apology will talk about ” How to save it” We have this habit , first we use then abuse and leave it to rot.

All this time you had us, we couldn’t ever control you though..for example if you wanted to have earthquakes we just got killed ,when water moved over us like a tsunami  we drowned and as strong winds blew us away like fallen twigs..we naturally were dead. Ah..we still think we can do something for you ..but unfortunately we are never together into this action…

Take care


By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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