Is the breeze here

In my heart a feeling is there

The breeze has touched to pass here

Deafening sound  demolishing all

In my heart there was no wall

Yet I feel an iron ball

Hit it hard and break it through

Pain is piercing , roughening too

I am silenced , as I am bruised

How will it confused

Help ..I call…am refused

soaking wet ..eyes defused.

Will it bleed..or just die

Heart is dying..eyes don’t cry

Smile can be my last try.







2 thoughts on “Is the breeze here

  1. So I send you a spiritual blessing of blossoming flowers and smiles so that you know you are always embrace in my prayers so you are never alone, even when I am not well. I will make a way to embrace your words…you are wonderful dear sister…love your poems God bless!

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