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Is the breeze here

In my heart a feeling is there

The breeze has touched to pass here

Deafening sound  demolishing all

In my heart there was no wall

Yet I feel an iron ball

Hit it hard and break it through

Pain is piercing , roughening too

I am silenced , as I am bruised

How will it confused

Help ..I call…am refused

soaking wet ..eyes defused.

Will it bleed..or just die

Heart is dying..eyes don’t cry

Smile can be my last try.






By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

2 replies on “Is the breeze here”

So I send you a spiritual blessing of blossoming flowers and smiles so that you know you are always embrace in my prayers so you are never alone, even when I am not well. I will make a way to embrace your words…you are wonderful dear sister…love your poems God bless!

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