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Find me


image Janusz Jureki..

From here to there

Between Yes or No

Passing from night to day

From Autumn to snow

Can you find me anywhere

Anywhere near?

Do I remain your dear?

Even if ..I am not clear

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

14 replies on “Find me”

Hello, kalabalu.
I just wanted to let you know I just published the powerful essay you submitted to the Relating to Humans Women’s Issues feature found on my site. It seems to be being well-received. Unless a response to your essay is addressed specifically to me, I’ll leave it up to you to respond or not to any replies it receives. Thank you for sharing your important message with my audience. It needs to be heard. You can find the essay on the site’s blog at

I apologize for leaving this comment in response to this beautiful poem, however I do not see a contact page and I no longer have your email address. Please feel free to delete this if you wish.

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