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Sometimes I forget

Not always no..not that I write too much ..I re-read less. I find so many things pop up in my time..I seldom get time for myself..imagine someone show me ..what I wrote..and forgot ! oops..that shouldn’t be the case.

I love to a reaction , with passion and fire..but  seldom can I write  to the level of getting printed..and in a book form..well that is like a dream come true..we all know if we want to make things happen we must work..but do |I ?

I normally think that work means ..designing spaces..because I get paid for that..thank God! otherwise my husband will certainly question me..about the expenditures I make for attending office.

I love to write..voice opinion or just bla bla..and I ponder when anyone..including myself..does too much bla is then I tend to forget.

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

9 replies on “Sometimes I forget”

It is better to write and blah, blah, blah too much than to under-utilize your skills and potentially avoid passing on a message or information with the unintended consequences of preventing others from benefiting from your words. Our ears will hear all; our eyes will see all, our brains will filter the unwanted.

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I almost never remember what I write. I just let it flow out, write it down as it comes, and go on to the next one. I seldom even edit except for my usual errors from going so fast and being a terrible speller. As for blah, blah, blah writing too much. Too much for whom. Certainly not the reader who can shut us up with a click. For ourselves…not likely or we would stop. I write every morning. Every day. More than 11,000 poems have flowed flowed through my pen. Should I tell Source to shut up, enough is enough? Keep writing until it feels like it is time to stop. You will know. hugs, pat

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