Ask me again about love

What love means to me

ask me  again to remind or feel

it is like  chocolates in real

Love is addiction it has some seduction

Some affection , some play it like game

Some try it for fame

It is so sticky and wrapped beautifully

so from outside no clue

Yet, as you unwrap and bite

as it melts and sticks to you

then you lick it to finish

as it disappears want it to re appear for you

that soft, sweet and bitter taste

it lingers on tongue

and flames up your face

you close your eyes and feel it better

you want it again and again

Oh ! love is simple and plain

4 thoughts on “Ask me again about love

  1. So free and simple
    addictive and delightful
    always plenty to go around
    love is boundless to give
    only giving makes you feel
    genuine love 🙂

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