Intelligence is attractive

Intelligence is only second to beauty. Not because, beauty last longer or short lived, it because beauty can not be have to be beautiful but intelligence..that can be matured and you can become intelligent. Education. experience, name it, all are the ways to transform from ordinary to intellect..once you are is to daily readings and keeping interest in happenings, after all, yesterday news can not be today’s’ headline. So..yes. I admire intelligence and I love when there is humor

6 responses to “Intelligence is attractive”

  1. Oh I totally agree, there is something mesmerising bout intelligence, especially those who are natural with it…far more enchanting than beauty.

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  2. Intelligence and humor typically share a similar place. These are two traits that intensify beauty.

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    1. Yes..humor in life adds a smile..what is more beautiful than a radiant smile 🙂

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  3. I agree. We need good conversation and interesting people. Otherwise we will run for the door to escape.


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