and learn

Life… When I was growing up my elders explained.. try not to grumble nor complain. if you want to win hearts or be smart, try to be clever right from star.Never get slow tantrums are a big NO.
Be soft , glow, white as snow, pure as honey and bright as day:)
Kind understanding, love everyone but trust only yourself.
Be as you are, never change but improve day after day after da

Words are jumbled as are thoughts

Words Are Words… write a poetry that has rhyming words not easy to form an idea that has limitations, ideas must flow like streams and oceans.Ripples and waves all makes us happy  splashed all over our face.

We play with water and earth too, climbing over mountains and sailing in boats, we capture pictures in moments we remember.

But thought.. we would forget in time, I think we recall each happiness many a times as we want to be happy again in future with the past. I do this too..when I open my treasure of memories, I feel so touched..with words that were said to me.. before..that time when we were in love, not anymore..yet you made me feel beauty within me as a light..that shines at night..


I Think Smiling Is Very Attractive It Soft Or Funny… Love they say has multi-dimensions, the one that gives it dept is passion. And, humor is the first step to a relationship..that would grow as friendship. Why..we want to be close? Simply..because in a certain group of people we smile..each one has own taste buds..yes we do get a flavor of some of the any courtship..I find it interesting..when we can play with words..and I don’t know about others..but I always smile when I get a soft harsh confusions..just a message that instantly brings the world of happiness..if I write I want to be…a fly away in distant look from above and in my feathers..I would carry warmth in cold breeze..this would get a reply..I will join you when you pass my territory..just don’t drop any beak…and we can then all fly together in a lala land..there our song would be..come join me..and add one word for the song we will write..birds of different wise.. my day begins and your ends..I am are frowning.. yes my night and your Monday morning

Ask me again about love

What love means to me

ask me  again to remind or feel

it is like  chocolates in real

Love is addiction it has some seduction

Some affection , some play it like game

Some try it for fame

It is so sticky and wrapped beautifully

so from outside no clue

Yet, as you unwrap and bite

as it melts and sticks to you

then you lick it to finish

as it disappears want it to re appear for you

that soft, sweet and bitter taste

it lingers on tongue

and flames up your face

you close your eyes and feel it better

you want it again and again

Oh ! love is simple and plain