I am a tree..I am grounded yet free

A tree..when you look at it..you find branches holding leaves..and fruits..housing nest and birds..sometimes kids too..and the roots so deep inside..we fail to even think..although we admire the tree..with its trunk, branches, flowers and leaves..for it provides us with shade..insects walking all over..digging into small holes..do you ever think..how the tree..stands..and shakes..moves..and takes..all that breeze..touching its leaves..and when autumn it gets bare to basic..and we know at its branches..stretching outwardly ..are you a tree..rooted deep..serving so many.standing alone…not moving..just holding together..supporting life..are you ?


4 thoughts on “I am a tree..I am grounded yet free

  1. People are trees. I like that! haha There’s a lot that can be realized. One thing I realized was that even trees cannot get too close to each other. If they do, they can take each other’s resources, and then it’ll become a battle until one dies or gets the short end of the stick. But then again. I’ve seen trees that have become one as well, twisting around each other.

      1. I like the perspective of one dying for the other rather than one killing the other lol.

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