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A reason to be and not to be

When was the last time I logged in to read ?

Asked the google when I forgot my password

indeed !

Well , it was a Gmail I used for account Perksplay

It had perks and I did play

right or wrong ..don’t know

but am sure one day my twitter will be gone

I have forgotten to be or not to be..the owner of Gmail

yep..lost my identity 😉

can you believe?

Gmail didn’t..

I tried endlessly to recall

all the words I used to pass…

but none screwed up


By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

6 replies on “A reason to be and not to be”

well ..I thought my email was another but found was the same..and I remembered the password 🙂 got access again . In future if I forget ..what will I do ? Ask you:)


haha memo? Or maybe make a riddle that only you will understand that contains the password and username of your email. Sometimes, I make riddles for fun, but sometimes I’ve even forgotten the answer to those riddles lol.

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