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It was so loud

It was too dumb

It made you numb

that thump thump

It will be out

or not we shout

please stop

thump thump thump

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sketch up

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Ask me anything

I will answer right away
may be not truth
or half truth is what I say
yet..ask me anyway
Sometimes a question
is an answer to silence
to a smile
to a feel
that you left behind
Ask me a question
I will remain silent till you go insane
that is a question I never answer
as it would be a mistake
if you find this poetry in confusion
I will stop it right now today

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Happy New Year 2017

Last year was good
this year.too 🙂
what do you hold for me 2017?
Tears or pain
Laughter driving me insane
Dreams that makes my day
or nightmare stretched to days
Will it make or break
Will the year be better
or worst than last
Can not tell till future gets to past

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without you

Lost and wet
sat in dark and dusk
wept in cold and pain
suddenly the sky got clear
you were here😉
what took you so long?
where were you gone?
Give a punch or kick?
or just say
I missed🙂

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When flowers didn’t bloom in time
when words didn’t settle to rhyme
when words unsaid were not heard
when feelings didn’t travel through dust
when you were you
I am me
when us was separated
we got free
when sun did rise
when moon did shine
when you were mine
No more it seems
no more it is deemed
to be felt and heard
to be held and felt
as was in dream