People and places

Different types of people are found in different locations,makes sense. Physical aspects that includes weather, terrain and food are reasons for our difference. Should we mix with each other being global ,if yes to what extent? I used to think we as humans are same ,I was wrong.

We are different but definitely equal. Those with blue eyes and fair complexion looks good  are equal to opportunities and favours in life competition. In pockets of land defining boundaries develop more demarcation within and the smallest enclosure is the size we relate to in reality. Nothing wrong in feeling rooted tie bonds with those who speaks your language and appreciate your customs. Culture based people are stronger because of the support system. When the community gets bonded it is altogether a higher level of relationship. Generations are linked and values are added to your individual persona.

Yet, it will suffocate if it tries to deny basic rights. Living in Asia I know that educational background and family both are equal in getting a job. Your boss wants to know you because that helps to understand your behaviour. What to expect from you. Hence social security is not a number rather it’s a link to your family. You maybe rich or not but your social status is recommendable, hence each member must think before taking any leap.

Family unit defined by sociology relating to kitchen is not enough. Sociology and economic development must relate to culture. Economic development should focus on building stronger bonds within a society where we are equal to voice our concerns. People should become positive and supportive to inculcate values that teaches us to be thoughtful and caring. Generous and intelligent, we must pull people from darkness of injustice and push them towards light of justice.

We the people from different places should have equal rights to voice our concerns. In this digital world we the residents of planet Earth must have equal rights to decide what should be the agenda and reject propaganda. 

Stop and think…