Idea or inspiration

Feelings or situation

How to choose words

Simple or complex

Direct indirect

Sweet or sour

How hot pours

How cold it chills

Poetry is a thrill



2018- The New year

2018 what can you do for me? Nothing. Time will pass just as it does at its own pace. Yes, I can do something better than last year. I willl be aware of things happening around me and world. I will be conscious of balancing my life and love my family and friends with more warmth, sincerity and dedication. I may not be able to transform instantly but my steps will move forward.

2018 I am not new but can renew my strength, take care of my health in mind and body. How we get confused about good and bad…does it mean my inner self has weakened.. should I not help myself.

I should wake up…and get started… Life is passing..