Destiny or Direction

Many times we think we were destined to be what we have achieved, usually we think this way when we fail. because when we are successful the credit is our’s ..I think that is our perception.

It starts from birth, to education upbringing and career paths, marriage and then a family life..a continuous changing scenario. Some we have decided upon othersĀ  have happened on it’s own. Basically what we want, other’s want and the whole world order changes that is beyond our control is destiny.

while talking to friends living in Syria, I used to think how comfortable their life is and here I am in Bangladesh facing problems.. then the war totally demolished and demoralized the entire nation. Syria is no longer a dream rather it is nightmare, filled with screams and tears.

What we want or like in present has no guarantee in future, we can not predict everything, because we are not aware of all the forces that are prevalent at this moment. many incidents are reported after it occurred..not at theĀ  planning stage.

Then we think destiny has much to do with us..and prayer to have a safe life is a must. For only God knows what will happen in the future and what is better for us…so let God direct us towards a pleasant life on earth and after…ameen