Having fun with someone or making fun ?

Laughter is healthy but laughing on someone is sick. Ridiculing and disgracing , how cruel and inhumanely ..should be restricted and punished. Earlier this kind of disgusting action were hidden, now it is public. Has societal values degraded , or people who are reasonable became weak and timid to the extent that they can not come together to oppose this atrocities.

It happens so often, gets headlines but seldom we read about the culprits getting punished. Too influential..or connected , bad people,  black money and bribe has taken a new dimension in our society. Where everyone has a much is the question..has a price translated as power, wealth or status…


By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

4 replies on “Having fun with someone or making fun ?”

You make some good points but the question of “intent” makes this whole area difficult to legislate and police. Hopefully, over time, education will cause this type of unforgivable behaviour to simply fade away and become something that “other people used to do” (think imperialism and slavery). In the meantime, I am afraid, this type of behaviour continues to shame us all.

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