Brighter side of life.

Each person has a background and experiences. Everyone in life has a status. We are all individuals who look for better and happier life. Circumstances are different, a child who lost her mother in bomb attack is silent with shock and wails in grief. A student who failed in examination is depressed but his aim to work harder gives strength. Hence our problems are of various intensity. Brighter life is comparative from present to future.

Opportunity and hurdles we get are testing our skills to live. Not easy, sometimes very unfair and unfortunate. Yet,we must live before we die. Death is not our end,it is just a break time till we are reborn from dust to face judgement. Now those unfortunate ones are getting heaven for their challenging life and maybe those who had many achievements in the world are questioned in detail.

Brighter side of life is then a life after death, a life promised to those who remained good in all times. Let’s look beyond to feel encouraged. Let’s pray harder for a better life.


What is important ?

Thinking hard ? Everything is important that contributes to the betterment of society. Knowledge, management and governance. The core of every action is the mindset. Intention to benefit one cannot be a cause to deprive another,so justice is important. Justice is the essence of humanity.

We have become so engrossed in pleasing our wants that we have crossed many times the boundaries that ensures safety and trust. The intent is evil, it’s me. World is not made of individuals,it essentially is woven by relationships. To respect and care for others not only saves our lives but brings inner peace. Imagine if each person thinks of the other person first,there will be no fight.

Systems and values exists,it is time to adopt it for the sustainability of our society. Show respect to humans, for humanity.


Architecture in changing landscape

Architecture has evolved from culture, technology, material and political will. Recently it is seen that culture has cult missing because as a community we have crossed boundaries of Nations and acquired a global culture. Hence, buildings no longer seems to be rooted to local customs.Local customs are no longer strong enough to impress. Technology is computer based, from election to production of goods,we rely for accuracy and hard work on computer. Soon our construction will be handed over to robots,that will assure constant and perfect construction.

All the risk in construction will shift from human to robots.It will encourage architects to have intricate details on louver or doors etc. Labour costs will be reduced substantially. An era of facade decoration and interiors will find it’s way in years to come. Materials that are reusable or sustainable with custom made forms and patterns will become norm. Buildings will have systems monitored via mobile phone. Smart home and smartphone will replace domestic help. Architecture will change in expression and impression.

Artificial intelligence will give many alternatives to a single land with details of cost, construction time, aesthetics, materials selection etc. Human factors will be reduced as solutions will float by a single click. Architects will have just one supremacy the mind that has innovation, this will be an edge.

Architecture will change because very few clients hire architects as their services are expensive and exclusive. People want to get services that are faster and cheaper.

The new era or style in Architecture will have a new slogan. Sustainable development with renewable energy sources. Energy efficient buildings will survive and energy consuming will become extinction.

  1. Tomorrow is a beautiful day and I want it to be happy.

I am back ;)

It has been a long time since I was able to write a post. Reason being I forgot my password for email and my WordPress account. I tried many times to log in but failed. I didn’t recall the spider who tried till success but hey ! I didn’t lose hope. Infact I was desperate to log in, imagine all that I wrote and posted since long will be lost !. No no no.. that was too much to accept.

I have lost my flair in writing and wanted to recover and reconnect, what can be easier than WordPress. So once again like waves and breeze I am free to write as I please.


Don’t get angry

The car in front of me was stalling as the driver kept on viewing his phone. I was getting annoyed with his head bent down for long. Then I smiled and looked at his rear view mirror and suddenly his head was raised. I waived. That puzzled him and I winked. Suddenly the traffic lights went green and I motioned him to let me pass. He did. As I drove I sent him a flying kiss. He did not miss.

I was happy at my revenge 😎 . He didn’t know what was behind the action. Maybe he will now look around and not get glued to the phone in traffic. Women are naughty too.


I see

Watch the waves lapping and roaring that’s the way waves are

Watch the sky birds soaring that’s the way birds are

Watch your Life is it fun or boring that’s your choice my luv

Keep composed keep on scoring better than before


Smile if you feel

Yes an inner happiness sprouts from love

Eyes shine and lips trembling before a kiss

Close eyes to feel the smile

It lasts long still wants to linger on

Place a finger on lips

And then kiss

Smile if you feel he love