What is important ?

Thinking hard ? Everything is important that contributes to the betterment of society. Knowledge, management and governance. The core of every action is the mindset. Intention to benefit one cannot be a cause to deprive another,so justice is important. Justice is the essence of humanity. We have become so engrossed in pleasing our wants that […]

Architecture in changing landscape

Architecture has evolved from culture, technology, material and political will. Recently it is seen that culture has cult missing because as a community we have crossed boundaries of Nations and acquired a global culture. Hence, buildings no longer seems to be rooted to local customs.Local customs are no longer strong enough to impress. Technology is […]

I am back ;)

It has been a long time since I was able to write a post. Reason being I forgot my password for email and my WordPress account. I tried many times to log in but failed. I didn’t recall the spider who tried till success but hey ! I didn’t lose hope. Infact I was desperate […]

I see

Watch the waves lapping and roaring that’s the way waves are Watch the sky birds soaring that’s the way birds are Watch your Life is it fun or boring that’s your choice my luv Keep composed keep on scoring better than before