Brighter side of life.

Each person has a background and experiences. Everyone in life has a status. We are all individuals who look for better and happier life. Circumstances are different, a child who lost her mother in bomb attack is silent with shock and wails in grief. A student who failed in examination is depressed but his aim to work harder gives strength. Hence our problems are of various intensity. Brighter life is comparative from present to future.

Opportunity and hurdles we get are testing our skills to live. Not easy, sometimes very unfair and unfortunate. Yet,we must live before we die. Death is not our end,it is just a break time till we are reborn from dust to face judgement. Now those unfortunate ones are getting heaven for their challenging life and maybe those who had many achievements in the world are questioned in detail.

Brighter side of life is then a life after death, a life promised to those who remained good in all times. Let’s look beyond to feel encouraged. Let’s pray harder for a better life.

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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