Silence is my companion

In this world where I live and work. I find it impossible to share my inner thoughts and feelings with anyone.Those who surround me and not listening. They are eager to correct, criticize and judge. All replies are No, don’t and oh no. In this situation can I be honest? I have to say what they want to hear. Smile is fake and words have lost their meaning.

I want to stop and be honest. Yet, I know my audience. They are not ready to listen only. When ever I am trying to share the person in front is looking past me,am I invisible or absent. This attitude is disturbing but I can not show my irritation, they will not accept it. For them I am a multi channel entertainment program. Who must switch on to something melodious or funny. Nothing boring and crazy.

I ask myself, how long will this charade last? Perhaps death will silent me. Then a real silence will be my companion.

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

8 replies on “Silence is my companion”

Living and working in such an incompatible environment must be very frustrating for you. In theory, the solution is to move to somewhere else, but that is not always practical of course.

The image that I am getting in my mind, and I may be completely wrong, is of a talented woman working in a male dominated environment.

You need to change something, so you can flourish instead of being stifled.

When people decide to make changes in their life so they can be happier, it can often take a great deal of effort and time to achieve the desired result.

Very often, people who have a complete change of career by the age of 40 are the happiest.

If you are not happy with the way things are in the country that you live in, move to Scotland and you can “live happily ever afterโ€. ๐Ÿ™‚

It is after someone removes themselves from an unpleasant situation, they wonder why they tolerated it for so long. After a problem has been resolved, we realise how much it really affected us.

I think “happily ever after” is just for stories that have not finished yet.

Pretty much all of Scheherazade’s tales in “A thousand nights and a night” finally conclude with “And he/they lived in perfect bliss and contentment until he/they were visited by Death, the bringer of night and the destroyer of all happiness”.


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