When I visit your place.

In my heart, your memories are fresh as the blooming rose. I can smell the fragrance and feast on the freshness in the air, yet I know that I can not meet you again. Last time was the “last”, I want to find about you but then, I pause and stop myself because it will reveal your secret. I can not disgrace you.

All that time you were with me, I couldn’t bring myself to say the magical words, “I love you” now that you have left me, I repeat those unsaid words to myself.

Strange how you have walked away with ease and why I can not forget the moments I spent memorising your feel. That was real 🙂 That look in your eyes searching my emotions in my expression, was sweet. I was playing a  hide and seek, but you left me before finding my truth. Were you true?

I want to rewind the future to the past and bring you to present for me once again. But, I am sure you don’t want me anymore, just like before I remain unsure of your emotions and truth.

When I pass your place, my steps stop at your door, my eyes steal a look towards your window and secretly I wish you will see me go. But you don’t live there, I know.