Architecture global is local

Many times we attend seminars we complain about style in architecture being no longer local. Since we got internet all ideas are transferred with speed. The technologies in building and materials are shared and transported. The expertise in construction are taught and mastered. The earlier used materials like wood, brick are no longer available for mass construction as wood land is becoming scarce and the top soil which is used for brick is important for cultivation.

The whole segment of construction technology and structural design has revolutionized completely. The design process is more accurate and faster, we can design and build in a super speed. Land once developed would take ages to be rebuild, now everything is changing rapidly.

This changing world is not letting anything get registered as a memory. when I visit an area I find built environment has changed, so fast that I get lost 😉

What should be the new global style? Now local anymore, because climate is also changing and soon the earlier cold spots will become hot and our warm regions will get cold, desserts will get rainfall to the extent that will be green.

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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