Good Manner or Bad

We try to get a reputation through behaviour, that sounds the right way. How to start being good. Think you don’t have any good habit to be proud of and the many vices you have are forever getting worse.

First, ask yourself do you really want to be good? in manners and within..or you feel that being good is a punishment. You are doing a favour by being nice? Think..and if you feel bad being good..then start evaluating..clean your heart use lots of forgiveness. Forgive everyone you know, forgive yourself too. How can you feel bad being good? hmmmm

Okay, now manners are embedded in the culture. Location is important, where you are from and belong will dictate how you deal with situations and people. Climate and customs are two main indicators for clothing and codes. Take a moment to analyse where you from? What you do?and where do you want to see yourself?



When I was young


What a life it was fun. Long vacations that never seems to end. Friends so many at home and at school. Laughter and games pranks to fool. Running around, cycling, hopping and skipping all the while, playing outside.

Quickly coming home to drink a glass of water and return to play. Grandma calling when will you call it a day? Not yet, nana I am having fun and will stay.




Only the eyes see

Mind reads

Emotions feel

What is not and is real

Behind the deal


Life has it’s sides

Four seasons a year and we try to relate our feelings of hope or fear. We wait to get to youthful years and struggle in those to secure the future. But at this time we get exhausted, cheated and bored with life to the limit of dropping dead.

Life passed and yeas too, from laughter and smiles to pain and tears. Now, what we wait for is not a long life, but a comfortable stay in this world. Who wants to live till old age? Not me.

If possible, I want to leave this abode as a healthy full of life. An energetic individual. Not a burden, rather someone who can take loads of work and responsibilities. I want to return to the life I had a few years back, but that seems to be impossible. Few people and circumstances are responsible for my downfall, and I can not yet manage to get up and enjoy my presence in life. How I yearn and try.

Maybe after a few years from now, I will look back and feel , what a leisure time I had and I spoiled it by complaining 🙂


Change is inevitable

How long can your love last

Perhaps a decade or two

After that, you will get weary

I will become a habit for you

Or maybe I will get lucky

I will get better with age

But, I am unsure about my fate

Eyes see ears listen as the heart beats

Hope flickers like a candle in a breeze.PHOTO-2019-11-04-18-59-56_1


When leaves fall

The time for dropping off the branch and then settle on the earth. How long before a breeze blows away the dried leaves till they wither and turn to earth. A cycle of perishing and contributing to enriching the soil. Like me, there are others too, dust to dust we grow and become strong live full or fall off. Then we become nothing. Perhaps a memory for those who still remember us.

Autumn is that splendour which celebrates the time to fall. All leaves turn red, orange and yellow as colourful just like the flowers in spring. Remember death but don’t die before you are dead.89661d6f679c8481df20fdd551da41f4




Leaves turn golden yet the grass is still green

The path of life is straight and clean

Shadows are random

The sky can not be seen

Path seems to be lonely

No wait, a silhouette is seen




Dogs are smart