Sunshine on 31st December 2019

The last of 2019 what will make it special. People, food, music and lights. Daylight for the chirping and flying birds that celebrate each day with equal fervor. They maybe having their very own calendar, I am not too sure. Life is a calendar, and years we pass are the events marked.

2020 is a start for a new decade. I am sure to have witnessed many things that wouldn’t happen in life again. 1999 turning to 2000 was a bang, and this 2020 is another. The years we write on the paper doesn’t effect but the world order has drastically changed.

Last decade was full of wars and destruction. People killed, displaced and torn. Wars are never criticized as a polluter, as plastic is 😉 The fumes and poison from the bombs that kills and destroys many is seldom mentioned in papers which talk about going green.

What will happen this decade and will I remain on this earth to write is unknown. I certainly hope to live as long as I am healthy, wealthy and wise.




Soft , filled with fragrance and so colorful to see.

Flowers are gifts that adorn the gardens with bees.

Blossoms for a short time and fulfills purpose indeed.

Flowers are for all occasions in life and after, for me.