How can you identify someone who is blessed by God

That person will be simple and straight forward. Always give more than you have earned. Will accept mistakes and ask forgiveness. Never get angry on personal matters but will not like immoral behaviour. This person will be a source of happiness, will make life easy for others. Will be helpful and down to earth. If you ever meet someone with these qualities, you can make out that person is blessed.

A time to sing

What song can be sung now? It’s a very scary phase of life. Pandemic is virtually spreading across. No one knows what will stop it or eliminate it from this world. The people have forgotten their routine and chores. Students are not really studying anymore. Professional are online and tensed in career. Everyone has lost some one or something a little less or more .

I am thinking what to sing? A piper song that will lead all viruses to unknown destinations in space with a tag, Don’t come anymore 🤓