How it started?

Life was good for a little girl who had so many stories in her head. Whenever she laid her head on the pillow, all the imaginative characters would come alive. Her story about her role would begin, till she drifted in dreams.

Years passed and finally she completed her storyline, it had characters stolen from her favorite movie and the lead female character will always be strong and funny. The reason humor is important in life, is to be able to smile in darkness.

When we feel empty in our heart and lost in our souls, we must not let depression penetrate and drench our goals. Here is the need to bring the lighter side of life. Not every situation has a hope, in death there is no hope. There is just a long painful trauma, it doesn’t go away because the deceased person is not returning.

After many years , the little girl has grown old and all those who were her elders have gone. She has nobody who she can relate to or confide. Her stories are now just memories from past, who did what and when. The series of thoughts stops with each death, everyone left forever except afew.

Missed the story teller who would come up with a happy ending to all fairy tales, life has no fairies just realities and that can not be changed.

Still eyes close and goes off to sleep, but with reality.


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