Don’t hide your eyes

Don’t lie

don’t be shy

sometimes you get betrayed

People question you why?

Look up straight

cry if you must cry

You will feel free

after awhile

you will smile

Smile with your eyes

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Peacock Blue

Peacock blue

I love you

So beautiful are you:)

Mesmerizing and smooth

J.Peters drew you in water colors with hues

I am posting for view

Peacock blue you are inspiration

for art, poetry and blogging too



Life has thrown you onto the shore

Will you remain on knees like before

Regain strength to fight once more

Waves can not drown you anymore

You have conquered fear with a roar


Dreaming of you

In my mind

I have a tweet

I tasted you

you are so sweet

lips were light

but kiss was deep

hug was tight

in my sleep πŸ™‚


Empty chair

To be with you

I have to die

You left me alone

You left me to cry

Went away without a smile

without a nod

without a goodbye


Searching soul

Looked up towards sky

Eyes travelled aimlessly

I wasn’t searching for anything

Nor finding peace in me

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Missing mother

I miss my mother every day

whenever I raise my hands to pray

I miss her now just as I missed that day

I never can find a way

I will not miss her is something hard to say

And so I pass my days

Missing my mother everyday

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A citizen of two worlds

Identity leads to citizenship. We are all identifiable, names, location, color, economic level, education and family background. We have been labelled, and projected or doomed. Depends what is associated with our names.

The economic levels are reflective of social behavior, hence a stigma is attached to people from two worlds. Each society has this inherent quality, to divide and mark down or mark up. A person who has been torn in this division, will have to keep on hiding one side of their identity. if they have by will or chance migrated to another. Just as origin never leaves us, this association is very much fixed.

Why does one wants to erase own identity? It is mostly due to economic level and education background. In this situation, lies are randomly said to save face. A dangerous path for the vulnerable, girls are worried for their married life and career, boys too have a certain drawback.

Oh the misery of this transition, want to forget but someone reminds who I was and what I want to be, never leaving me alone to enjoy my success and freedom. Why do they smear with words that are a like claws that tears the newly acquired skin and expose my flesh. I bleed and bleed , but they never feel any sympathy.


My password

I am sure many have this problem of forgetting password. There are so many sites with instructions not to repeat password that I have to coin a unique one . Unfortunately, I forget all the passwords or get jumbled up.

Resulting in losing my access to my own account . I have many times written it in diaries and journals. But, then I lose that too.

Hence I use Mobile phone number to get a code. Now I have mainly limited myself to a single SIM card.

I recall a story in which the thieves had forgotten what the magical words were to escape the cave and lost their lives. Thank God it’s not that crucial.πŸ€“

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Bitter or Better?

Many people, incidents and steps are in life, we call them experiences. It is actually experiences of emotional upheavals. Negative and positive blends our character. Some times we emerge as bitter and at times as better.

Those who get better will not create problems for others, they have felt the pain and don’t want others to go through the same. Those who are now bitter , will turn their claws towards others, scratch them or kill them with words.

How do you cope up with bitterness? Ignore or revolt? Both, I think are logical. When we ignore, it is for escape and when we revolt it to end the sarcasm and bitterness.

Bitter people back bite, complain continuously, self pity and turn all others as demons :). Beware of bitter people, they will poison your mind and leave you hollow.

Try and turn them into better people with understanding and love, slowly and steadily first take out all their bitterness that has turned them into stone heart. Now fill them up with empathy and kindness.

Choice is yours’s get bitter better or let bitter crowd turn all better souls to bitterness.