Lady with violin

What will you play ?

A song of love

A rhyme for us

A melody for days

A poem that says,

Will smile always


The best friend

A dog is a man’s best friend, loves unconditionally, is faithfully loving.

Fetches all that you throw away, happily and safely.

Smiles when you come, wags tail jumps around.

Celebrates your presence , as if you are his soul mate

Understands your feelings and vibes

Protects you always

What more can you ask of anyone?

It is so much fun


Falling leaves

Long time ago there was a soul

Not too young nor too old

Worked so hard

Worked so much

Turned it’s life from green to gold

When it died, it got blown away

Never was it seen as it turned into to soil

Although dead it has given life to many

In it’s own way 🙂


The Storm and me

The storm can not stop you
It has not power to
Sail on my waves
Oh brave heart
Let storm come along


Stillness kills

Hold it still
I am living in the moment
where the sun is setting in the ocean
I am watching as it goes
my sails are still
my paddles are still
I have nowhere to go


Open your heart for more

Open the door, and look beyond your floor.
There are birds and grass
There is a song that lasts
A melody of love
A handshake of trust
A heart that beats
with birds and beasts


Say goodbye

I have my sanity
I have my heart with me
The waves that fills my soul
The wind that chills and goes
I stand all alone
With a soft song
No one will wait for long
Once I am gone
I am a mystery
A loving memory
A smile in eyes that sees
Come say Goodbye to me ❤️


When we are together

Between you and me
Many stories were told
Some new some old
In all the moments
We felt so close
So warm
So real
We lived the mood
We loved it too
That we are one not two


Who is it?

Guess who?
Not you
Nor me
It’s an imaginary friend
A love lost
A smile that died
A tear that dried
A twisted soul
Out of control
Faceless heartless cold
A story untold
Secrets unfolds
In white plains
Sane or insane
Let’s give her a name
Baby, doll or simple Jane


Life is not the years you lived

The life you led
the person you wed 🙂
Your spirit in life
your struggles and strives
Your victory and prize
Little did you realize
It was the life
which is much more important
than anything else, you enjoyed.