Little talk

If words are confused

and bring pain

then give a hug

or kiss again

but make it through

from me to you

a little nod

squeeze would do

A pat on the back

a nudge or frown

Come talk to me

Before I am gone


Cat and Moon

The cat and the moon

A picture of silence

waiting in the night

eyes are wide open

Stars are insight

who will come?

Who has gone?

The moon doesn’t know

Nor the sun

But it was fun πŸ™‚


Lovable friends

When you do find someone who is 90% lovable & fun

it’s not only about finding

It’s about keeping as well

It’s not just clicking

but loving too

It’s not merely a word or two

the entire philosophy is meant in β€œme too

”friends are flowers

we never pluck

we take the entire pond to keep the duck πŸ“·

friends are bad poets

but mean well :))


My flying friend

My fluttering flycatcher friend,

what have you come to see?

Am I writing a letter to my sweet πŸ™‚

Is it ink or my emotions?

Just as waves in deep oceans

I must have drowned indeed …

Butterfly do you have any advice for me?

Should I write poetry or prose for, my love overseas?

Or just cut and paste my heart with ease πŸ˜‰

For everyone who loves colourful new thoughts

so pleasant to read.

Tell me, if you can see?

All my ideas are appropriate

or not for thee.


I miss you

When you don’t send me flowers

my lips are sealed

When you don’t send me chocolates

Sad is what I feel

When you don’t wish me goodnight

I can not simply sleep

When you don’t say, I miss you

I want to scream

πŸ™‚I brood and remember All flavours of ice cream

we had together in my dream


My friend is he

Friends are good to meet

Lovely to see

Warm to greet

Eager to please

Buy one or two portraits to keep

Horses or women

thinking deep

nibbling all foodies

Not remembering me πŸ™‚

Listening to jazz

tapping feet


Winter is here

Now it’s winter

Windy and cool

Get some hot milk

With chocolate

To full


I am numbed

Breeze is passing by

Touching my eyes to dry

Tears don’t fall anymore

I got back to life

But when I call

I call your name again

I got now numb and brave

I am prepared for grave

Want to sleep in peace

But, when I call

I call your name again


Luck brings in treasure

My treasure is you

I lost myself

and then

found me in you

When I look into your eyes

I see myself smile

When I close my eyes

I feel you close by

Like the heart that beats

soft subtle and neat

You, my friend

Are cute indeed


We are now you and me

You are the same

And so am I

But we have changed

Don’t know why

Lost you in rainbow

Cried in the rains

Tears were mixed

Soaking wet in pain

When will I regain

My lost smile

My laughter

Oh, it pains

Again and again