Do not weep

Don’t call me

I am asleep

I will not return

Cliff is steep

It has dreams

Turned into nightmares

Gives creep

No promises to keep

Don’t call me

I am sinking deep

Feeling nothing

Under the the heap

Of sorrows

Heart break 💔Horror s

Don’t call me

Don’t call me

I am not yours to keep


wanted to fight

What More can you ask from life

WiFi is working

Dinner is light

Watching news

Drama or die

After hours of studying

Feels so right

Wanted to chat

Wanted to fight

God save the King 👑

He is out of sight

Good night

But, without any reason

I feel empty inside


Said the rose to the dews

I feel good with you

you come in the morning

freshen me up a bit

My days get started with a laugh

Dews were the tears that morning left on thee

My dear sweet petals, love is always free

You may value me

But you know for sure

dews stay in morning and then are no more

if you want I shall come

Or I will watch you from far

Flowers are much more important

than any dews on the tar


Gift of love

If I hadn’t given

you couldn’t have taken from me

my heart was my very own

It was a gift you see

I never wanted anything

other than a smile 🙂

So keep smiling sunshine

laugh loud, with sweet wine


Loved you

It was real,

I knew and felt it too

nothing last forever

no matter what you do

but this feeling of loving you

will remain always in my heart

you may never have loved me

But I had from the start 🙂


I stand alone, as I always do.

With my umbrella waiting for you.

You never come and I never leave.

A little strange is this deal.

There is no gain, no loss no fear.

I am close but not near

.In my thoughts, I miss you more

I close my eyes and tears flows.

I smiled with you awhile ago

Was a great moment ,didn’t want to let go


I visit you in dreams

In my dream

I was standing outside your door

I was thinking

Should I knock now?

Or no

I must think about you

And I am sure

You will open the door

on the count of 123 four

I tried thinking about you

the door opened

A voice said no more

I got confused ..


Someone was waking me up

from the dream


what a bore!

I was just this close

In my hand, I had these chocolates

wanted to share

But No:)

Next time, please open the door


Our rendezvous

When you come to meet me

Bring me flowers

Bring some fragrance too

When you come to walk

Bring your thoughts with you

We can share a moment or two

We can have a dinner for two

Some fruits will do

Will share together the juice

I will bring my laughter

You can bring your love

I will bring my eyes that search you

Bring your smiling self , that is so true

We will spend hours together

Feeling the waves that steals sand dunes

Hold my hand, will you?

Walk slowly, feeling the breeze

Keep steady, in the moon light

You want the candles too?

Bring your matches with you

I have worn your chosen colour

I have come across the ocean

Just to meet you

You can meet me in something new

Like black trousers , white shirt and no shoes?

Feeling good?

Lastly, If I ask you

How are we, tell the truth

Don’t say, I love you

If you don’t 🙂



Oh the phantom has lost his power

And he now sits on graves

He does not scare me at all

I am not afraid

I know that he is scary

Actually he needs a shave

😀I will get him clean clothing

And ask him to behave

Dear phantom don’t be naughty

Not nice to make a face

Come down from the tombstone

Dinner is served at 8.00 😀


Songs of love

I am waiting with my violin

Along the shore

My red dress turned white

But I don’t know

I got the song ready

All four

First is for me

Second for you

Remaining for the floor

Will have to dance too

Waves will guide for sure

As they come towards us

Will run away from shore

Sunset is near to end

Night has brought the stars

And light

I am waiting for you

Will you come?

Or no!