Rose and waves

The red rose is me

Looking at the ocean waves

I feel the sunlight on my face

So fresh, so bright a great taste

I wait for you, and it is late

As I wait,

I smile and think

What will you finally bring?

Flowers, chocolates or a drink?

I am dreaming along the shore

I know you will come, quite sure

Even for a moment,

if not more

That one smile fills my heart

I glow 🙂

I feel so happy, you don’t know

It is like love embraces me

with warmth and ease

I am not lonely

You, my sweetheart

You are with me

It is lovely


When you wake up early

and sleep very late

You are a happy heart

with no boundaries

No gates

Loving all your friends

your mates

You get a bit confused

when you are amused

with words that carry no weight

Words that are said and heard

written and read aloud

not that loud!

Whispered words are better

they are misunderstood in laughter


Flowers speaks to me

When you come to my world

But remain silent for long

I have a knocking from within

Something is very wrong

I want to search your eyes

I want to hear your voice

to tell me in soft whispers

where has that smile gone

Maybe, I am no longer

your love song

Must I wait and wave goodbye

Or I leave without any sound

Flowers you speak with love

withered petals are seen on the ground.

I just smile to hide my frown.



I am a muse in your virtual life

I fly in to your page to amuse

Can you refuse my love

Do you feel confused

Between reality and fantasy

I am because you want me

Inspiring and exhilarating visions

Encouraging passions

I am for you

Each day, I must come to start

And bid you farewell too

In between the hours that pass

You recall that I love you

It brings a smile

It gets a twinkle in eyes

I make no demands

But, it is true

I enjoy loving you.


Hold it

Hold the rose and smile

Looks good for a while

Don’t touch me

Don’t cross miles

I am not for trial


Love song

Play a song of love

Play it soft or loud

Play it from the soul

Listen it with your heart

Play it with the waves

Play with the wind


Blue roses

Blue roses in November

Reminds you of a memory or two

Living with friends, asking how are you?

Freshness and fragrance

Beauty and softness

All my companions,

My soul mate, I love you


An Illusion

The world is an illusion

People create confusions

When you are still

they are in motion

Some post are for promotion

Some are for emotions

Some are full of devotion

Some for creating commotion.


Empty Seat

The seat is empty but has many memories

People, birds, time and weather

Endured and seated,

heavy and light

Morning till night


without any break

Will not mourn nor die

Will not be lost nor cried

When you will find another seat

More comfortable, modern and neat

I am worn out

Has no softness left in me

Said the seat to the passing breeze.


Meet again

All the broken promises
The broken heart in two
We meet again to see
Who has guts to restart
Not me!
Not you!
Can not be fixed with glue
But, if we get screws?
Maybe we can be put in together
as a single masterpiece
and label it renewed