The night of dreams is here to stay

Close your eyes

Feel the sway

Soft melody

Whispering tales

Let’s relax

For another day ❤️


You love me

Feel the love

Feel it free in your heart

Feel it radiant your life

Let it be

Don’t look away nor hold it

It is not a status

Nor a mistake

It is feel comes from heart straight

It burns but never hurts anyway

Witness it with open eyes

Allow it, it will last

In your heart like a feel

Release it, it will remain

A magic that erases pain

Comes without asking for return

It is love, let it burn ❤️❤️


Ocean waves and me

Sunset brings in blues

I miss my old shoes

Wore last along the shore

Now can’t find anymore

Must return bare feet

Another impossible feat

Drew a heart on sand

With my bare hands

Wrote my name too

Didn’t last what to do?

I know that I love you

Just as flowers love morning dews


If I love you

When I love you

You will know one thing

I am very original in my thoughts

wit, tease and nagging 😉

When you are with me,

I am 100% with you

I read attentively, write flawlessly

listen carefully and respond fully.

Respect and care honestly.

But…if I don’t do any of the above.

It means simply

I don’t love you 🙂

How rude is that!!

Very ..but at least I am honest.


Some are close to heart

Someone loves you
But don’t know why?
Did you kiss her?
No, not I
She is flying without wings in sky 😀
Bring her down now
Or I will cry
Did you hug her?
No, not tight.
Did you tell her?
No, was night
Do you want her?
To come by?
No, just tell her
For me, Good bye.


Failed again

I will try again

Failed… When hope is dead and lies in a coffin.

You want to let someone nail it ?

The tears fall endlessly and if you had a small boat..can you sail that ?

If you wanted to get rich but you ended up average, can you wail ?

Is life simple and there is a yes and no, but never a maybe ..will you decide then?

I again felt pain, it did rain but didn’t wash away my sins or tears,

as I had wished the other day..

and I want to set my self free..and this cage of rules and customs that has given me too little to move and much to brood..

I want to escape for me..

but where should I go .

.if I can is a mystery..

for I have no aim nor goal.

.then it must be the reason why I am unhappy and why I failed again.

.without aim and thought..

life gets boring and we forget why we are here ?
hmmmm I failed.

.but this is not the last time nor the first.

.so I am ready to try a new plan again

..maybe I will fail .

but I will not stop trying again and again


Who am I in your life?

I am a little girl peeping behind a tree.

I am the daughter of Adam and Eve.

I mean love to you

I mean beauty that’s true

If I never come in your life

All your world would be barren and dry

Yes..I am the reason you laugh

Yes..I am the words in your poetry

I am honor in your heart

I am your priceless glory

I am a girl child you see 🙂

I am here

I am , “me”

Don’t kill me before I am born

Don’t shun me, or I will be gone

I am your mother

your sister, my brothers

I am your love in life, my lover

I am your wife

your love of life

Don’t threaten me with a knife

Don’t betray me, again for pride

Don’t dare me..or I will revolt

I will leave. And you will fall


Why I read and comment

The writer in me finds reasons to read

True life and few stories

then rewrite for others, hope it doesn’t bothers

Those who find similarities

to the stories I told, some secrets unfold

Disguised with incidents so well

I write what I feel

I never react to what I read, I merely try and absorb

the feel..philosophy

My comments or reviews are my views on your topic.

It is not what you posted

It is my own anomalies, my fantasies

I write as I want, it is neither a favor nor grant

I write for all extended family

My poems or poetries

My prose and stories..for you written by me


Ahem…AAAaaaaahhh ..yes

Now that you asked.

I must answer

The questions are many

Answers are also plenty

But which questions are important to answer if any?

Questions about this year Pandemic.

How can we increase our immune system to combat any new virus?

Stop eating garbage, genetically engineered food and using mobile phone.

Does my answer seems correct?

I think it is correct, because we may find a vaccine for Covid-19 but there maybe a new virus on the turn.


Love is beautiful

Love is a feeling that is warm and smooth

Happens suddenly and we never get a clue

Get stuck too hard like a glue

When you try to get out

Tears a part of you

Mostly your heart

is broken in two

one remains with you

other gone to blues.