Failed again

I will try again

Failed… When hope is dead and lies in a coffin.

You want to let someone nail it ?

The tears fall endlessly and if you had a small boat..can you sail that ?

If you wanted to get rich but you ended up average, can you wail ?

Is life simple and there is a yes and no, but never a maybe ..will you decide then?

I again felt pain, it did rain but didn’t wash away my sins or tears,

as I had wished the other day..

and I want to set my self free..and this cage of rules and customs that has given me too little to move and much to brood..

I want to escape for me..

but where should I go .

.if I can is a mystery..

for I have no aim nor goal.

.then it must be the reason why I am unhappy and why I failed again.

.without aim and thought..

life gets boring and we forget why we are here ?
hmmmm I failed.

.but this is not the last time nor the first.

.so I am ready to try a new plan again

..maybe I will fail .

but I will not stop trying again and again

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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