Fell in love

It was Septemeber not July

Feelings were normal not too high

I was adding friends with care

Suddenly I saw eyes with a stare

So sweet and soft was his smile

Suddenly my heart took a jump from miles

Oh! it was love at first sight

My heart sang like a bird

It was and still is a delight

To watch the face of Mr Right

Calm and composed, bright and light

Oh heart flutters in moonlight.


My little one

Scotch 🙂

Oh! my little darling scotch

I found you on the couch

looking so cute and soft

don’t go alone on loft

come sit by my side

I will take you for a ride

I will treat you to a bun

will play together it would be fun

Come here my little sun

Come to me run


Did you find me?

If you have found me
What did you get?
A loving heart
Or regrets
A smiling face
With twinkle in eyes
Looking at you
From the start
Did you find me in the Sun
Shining brightly as you had fun
Did you feel me?
In the rain
Soaking you wet


Beautiful love

The beauty of love has not much to do with how she was more to do with how she knew..” how to love” matters..when feelings are absorbed in heart..when she enters a space, and a smile lights up your eyes..her name is enough to make your head turn and look that way..As she trail her till your eyes can see..then you check ..has she reached..that love is beautiful..that needs no is when love is a way you is the breathe you take..its natural ..never a know her is not fake..she makes you smile matter what she says..she always says it..with love.

Can you leave her side..not possible for each day..she loves you more and every want to is how you want to be loved a beautiful love…sit beside her under a tree..and enjoy nature wonderfully..she will help you immensely..when you need her ways she loves you endlessly,


Who was here..

Round and round

the whirling sound

a memory was fond

something went wrong

someone has gone!

Or not found


When you…

When you want to hide your tears

Stand in rains my dear

When you want to avoid the looks

Watch the sun don’t get hooked

When you are sleepy

Turn off the lights

It is time to explore

The night 🌃


SMile :)

Smile brings heart closer
Frowns keep people away
Respect makes life easier
Be caring in all the ways
Always ❤️❤️❤️


Call me

I am free
Like a falling tree
I am free
As a breeze can be
I am free
If you need me to be


Control the “me” in you :)

My nana would tell me, listen to how we speak, you will learn more and learn to listen better. This will go inside you and develop your personality. it will bring  a tendency in you to be patient, for we do need to have control on our selves, if we want to be successful. 

Why do we need to control ourselves? I would ask her

If you can not control yourself and let self control you, you are doomed. There are two sides in you, the good and bad. Your mind and heart decides what you actually prefer, but this decision doesn’t come unless you learn what is right and wrong, learn to think, learn to listen, learn from other’s mistakes and not to repeat what they have done. Each one of us want to experience, because we think we are better, but some mistakes doesn’t need to be we must learn not to do those.. we make mistakes intentionally ? I asked again.

Sometimes we do and others we are forced to, only occasionally are we are ignorant of the mistakes we commit.


How to sleep at night

Close your eyes

think about something beautiful

something nice

Someone loving and kind

Remember all that you enjoyed

Smile, relax and …….

You are asleep.zzzzzzz