Trees are old and words are gold

This is a story. Never was told. Long time back, when time was measured with glass hour and shadows from sun, falling on the long pin like bamboo. All the bamboos but one, were in circle..this particular bamboo would swing, each hour. each minute. Tick tick.

The blues elf from the wonder tree would then sing a help the bamboo..tell the time to trees.Why, did trees want to know time..that was a mystery and no one spoke about it. Not because they feared the trees, because no body could speak or think..yes words had disappeared.. the time was suppose to bring those letters back that formed words..

Actually, the tree was complaining that all its branches were getting broken for making the pencil, and the ink from leaves and flowers were killing them. hence, the go green court ordered all those who wanted to write or think, to stop all that immediately or the plant will leave earth.

We.. the lost souls have been told to remain silent..unless we can invent technology to recycle the pencil/lead/ink we use..or else, our entire generation would remain silent..just like today..forever..tick tick tick..the time has sent a message with the sun .

Quickly, we got computers and it was a relief. Alphabets, words and grammar all are back:)

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